8 reasons why knitting and crochet help with our Physical and Mental Health

1. Reduce depression

81% of knitters said the felt happier during and after knitting, and 54% of the respondents who were clinically depressed said knitting made them feel happy or very happy.

Cardiff University (Betsan Corkhill)

2. Improve your brain

Knitting and crochet improve cognitive skills and reduce memory loss.

Mayo Clinic 2011

3. Relaxation

94% say their skill helps them to relax.

Craft Council

4. Reduce Heart Rate

Kntting and crochet lower the heart rate by an average of 11 beats per minute.
Harvard Medical School, Mind & Body Institute 2001

5. Achievement

83% say the biggest benefit of learning the skill is the sense of achievement.
Craft Council

6. A reason to meet up and enjoy good company

76% knitters and crochetiers say they like to knit with someone else.

Craft Council

7. Feeling included

Knitting reduces loneliness and increases feelings of usefulness and inclusion

Mayo Clinic 2011

8. Stress Reduction

80% of crochetiers say it helps them reduce stress

Craft Council